How We Work

How we engage

We know that every business is unique and we work hard to ensure we understand your goals and your requirements.

Let us come to you. We want to understand you and your organisation a little better. Contact us now to arrange a free, no obligation initial meeting.

Our iterative Assess, Plan, Implement model ensures that the solution is tailored to your unique needs.


The first step is to understand what you are trying to achieve and what is happening in your organisation today. We facilitate your team to diagnose the current state across dimensions such as people, process and management system. We listen to their goals, their strengths their issues and frustrations. We then qualify our understanding with the team.


The assessment process sets the platform for the programme including creating urgency for change and identifying key directions and objectives. This quickly leads to an implementation plan for the programme.

We define metrics and baseline performance. This helps to unify the team behind a common goal and also enables the business to measure the contribution of the programme.

Each programme plan is highly configurable and unique to the business.


Our world-class change management approach is designed to deliver significant and sustainable results through your people.

We target quick results and provide an experience of the new methodologies in action, delivering benefits.

We manage the implementation closely and provide high-quality coaching to ensure new ways of working are embedded and sustainable.

  • Review processes and practices
  • Benchmark and baseline
  • Engage and enrol
  • Build the case for change
  • Kick off workshops and training
  • Select an appropriate pilot area
  • Prioritise and plan
  • Build structures to support delivery
  • Implement tools, develop skills
  • Coaching for performance
  • Review learning and mature approach
  • Roll out to other teams


“IMS Projects provided a way to set goals and motivate our team to solve problems we didn’t think we were ever going to be able to deal with.

“The mix of practical support on the factory floor and strategic problem solving with the management team was perfect and meant every part of our business became involved. This has helped lead to a culture change and as a result we continue to reap the benefits from the programme.”

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