How We Work

Our coaching approach

Our coaching approach has the following features:

  • A single organisational accountability for coaching and program quality
  • A program planning specialist
  • Two dedicated coaches per client:
    • one accountable for Leadership development and program quality
    • the other accountable for delivery
  • The use of local resource where possible
  • A network of experienced practitioners; practical people with real experience
  • An internal Quality Management System
  • The use of technology, particularly the use of web-conferencing, online coaching tools and the availability of an online learning management system as an option.
  • We thrive by developing a deep understanding of issues and working creatively to find solutions
  • We apply world-class methodologies in a way that is appropriate for our clients
  • We vary our approach according to need

We use a mix of coaching styles and delivery approaches according to the client’s requirements. These include:

  • Face to face delivery
  • Skype/phone coaching
  • Web-conferencing and Online training, both using our learning management system and live and interactive using videoconferencing tools


“IMS Projects provided a way to set goals and motivate our team to solve problems we didn’t think we were ever going to be able to deal with.

“The mix of practical support on the factory floor and strategic problem solving with the management team was perfect and meant every part of our business became involved. This has helped lead to a culture change and as a result we continue to reap the benefits from the programme.”

Matthew O'Brien, CEO, Kiwicare

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