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Every business is on a bold journey, and regardless of where you’re heading on that journey we all need a little help to get there. Join the ranks of some of NZ’s best companies who have implemented and achieved audacious growth strategies and effective capability development programs with us.

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Some of our services

Dynamic Capabilities

Lean management has long been the tried and trusted management tool for delivering value and optimising workflows, but it’s become outdated. The world has moved on and our methodology has moved with it.

Innovation Strategy

Innovation strategy focusses on building signature capabilities, solving customer problems, and developing new business models and revenue streams.

Operational Excellence

Building operational excellence in the team is a genuine competitive advantage and further develops the culture of innovation and productivity.

Industry 4.0

Ensure your solutions are nimble, low risk, and aligned with your technology road map with an Industry 4.0 strategy. Integrate new technologies into your work and enhance productivity.

Growth Coaching

The goal of growth coaching is to help business leaders scale their business rapidly. Work one-on-one to develop your growth hypothesis and build the capabilities system required for growth.

Business Stories

New Zealand Defence Force

With a need to revaluate their internal processes to match the growing staff numbers, New Zealand Defence Force engaged IMS and developed a true culture of innovation and productivity.


“I’m enjoying the journey working with IMS Projects and we’re seeing real engagement with innovation and change across the business. As we continue to transition to a world with rapidly changing energy systems, we are looking to IMS to ensure we take a dynamic approach to strategy and implement”

Ray Ferner Managing Director, Rinnai

“Not only do we have a more involved and committed workforce but have achieved a 20 to 30% improvement in productivity… within just 18 months.”

John Metcalfe Lowes Industries

“IMS Projects provided a way to set goals and motivate our team to solve problems we didn’t think we were ever going to be able to deal with. This has helped lead to a culture change and as a result we continue to reap the benefits from the Programme.”

Matthew O’Brien CEO, Kiwicare

“I’m really impressed! We’re challenging some people that can go a long way at Fletcher Building and this programme is allowing teams to dedicate time away from business-as-usual to think about the bigger picture.”

Mark Jaffray General Manager, Fletcher Building


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