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In the pursuit of progress many businesses spend time learning to ‘do things right’. We help you do the right things.

By combining strategy and intelligence, IMS help business leaders develop a culture of dynamic thinking that builds capability from the inside out. We work with clients to define, inform, and strengthen decision making and understanding, using a systems approach of innovation and continuous improvement.

We work collaboratively, bringing fresh thinking, proven frameworks, strong facilitation skills and a world-class change management approach.

Leadership Development

Dynamic Capabilities

In today’s rapidly changing and competitive business environment, the ability to adapt and innovate has become increasingly critical for businesses to survive and thrive.

However, simply having the capability to change is not enough. Companies need to possess what are known as dynamic capabilities:
“The ability to continuously adapt and transform in response to changing market conditions, customer needs, and technological advancements.”

Companies that implement Dynamic Capabilities report improved competitiveness, increased resilience, increased profitability, and improved employee engagement.

As New Zealand’s leading authority in this field, IMS Projects will help your business develop an actionable plan to succeed leveraging your own dynamic capabilities.

“I think the unique selling point of Dynamic Capabilities is that it’s not aimed at what your business is doing wrong, but at what you can become”

– Marcella Koopman, Navico

Innovation Strategy

An innovation strategy helps an organisation to proactively drive growth, adapt to changing conditions, and remain competitive in a rapidly evolving world. By fostering a culture of innovation and allocating resources strategically, companies can more confidently position themselves for long-term success.
Innovation strategy focuses on developing critical knowledge areas, building signature capabilities, solving customer problems, and creating new business models and revenue streams.

Contact us to learn how to develop buy-in for innovation in the senior team and increase the pace and effectiveness of your critical innovation agenda.

“The wealth of experience IMS provided was incredibly valuable. Their knowledge and understanding really helped shape things.”

– Yogi Stockler, Deputy Director Defence Excellence, NZDF

Leadership Coaching

Our approach to coaching provides a powerful method for leaders to clarify their goals and develop clear strategies to support implementation and overcome roadblocks.

We serve as a catalyst for positive change, helping great leaders develop more agile, adaptive and forward-thinking organisations.

Results include increased business growth and profitability, enhanced team cohesion, improved customer satisfaction, and a stronger position in the market.

“IMS Projects provided a way to set goals and motivate our team to solve problems we didn’t think we were ever going to be able to deal with. This has helped lead to a culture change and as a result we continue to reap the benefits.”

– Matthew O’Brien, CEO, Kiwicare

Operational Capability

Operational Excellence

In today’s competitive business landscape, staying ahead requires more than just keeping up with the status quo.

Our Operational Excellence Program offers a comprehensive and customised approach to help your organisation achieve remarkable levels of efficiency and effectiveness. With a focus on your people, your management systems and your problem-solving capability, we empower your team to drive sustainable growth and navigate market challenges with confidence.

Building this capability in the team is a genuine competitive advantage and further develops the culture of innovation and productivity.

“IMS’s customised approach has successfully wrapped the manual around each business rather than the business around the manual. They have created transformative change programmes, achieving significant financial benefits, and even longer-lasting cultural benefits, assisting them in establishing a strategic platform from which to expand and pursue further growth and innovation.”

– Sam Bailey, Business Growth Manager, CDC

Product Management

In today’s dynamic market, successful product management is the key to driving innovation, meeting customer needs, and achieving business growth. Work with us to equip your organisation with the skills, methodologies, and mindset required to excel in product development and management. Through a combination of interactive workshops, practical training, and hands-on coaching, we empower your teams to lead with confidence and deliver exceptional products that resonate with your target market.

“I’m really excited to be working with IMS Projects on our innovation programme. Toitū has an important role to play in the NZ ecosystem and we need the support of IMS to help us ensure our offerings is future-ready and that our sustainability vision meets the emerging needs of NZ in a pragmatic and relevant way.”

– Val Green, Marketing Managing, Toitū Envirocare

Innovation Excellence

Innovation is the lifeblood of any successful business, driving growth, fostering creativity, and staying ahead of the competition. Our Innovation Capability Building Program is designed to empower your organisation to unleash its full innovative potential. Through a holistic and customised approach, we will cultivate a culture of innovation, equip your teams with the right tools and methodologies, and establish a framework for continuous innovation.

“IMS Projects first got to understand our team and their challenges and then set about co-designing and implementing solutions that really worked for us. It is great to work with consultants that add real value.”

– Hamish Conway, Head of R&D, Goodman Fielder


Business Intelligence

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Data. We excel at developing powerful dashboards and extracting actionable insights from your data. Experience the clarity and efficiency that come with well-organised, visualized information. Gain a competitive edge through data-driven decision-making, trend analysis, and predictive modelling. Work with us to transform your data into a strategic asset, empowering your business to thrive through data-driven decision making.

“We’re challenging some people in the business that we think can go a long way, and this programme is allowing them to dedicate time away from business-as-usual to think about the bigger picture”

– Mark Jaffray, GM, Fletcher Building

Location Intelligence

Discover the Power of Location Intelligence; uncover valuable insights by analysing geospatial data and understanding the ‘where’ behind your data. Our expert team utilises advanced mapping and analytics to help you make informed decisions, optimise resources, and identify new opportunities.

Gain a competitive advantage with location-based insights that drive efficiency and growth.

“The IMS team’s ability to listen to our requirements, and to gather and simplify complex data has helped make this engagement both productive and enjoyable.”

– Mike Dunphy, Sustainability Manager, Dempsey Wood


Anticipate market shifts, emerging trends, and disruptive opportunities with confidence. Develop a deeper understanding of the knowledge domains that are critical to your innovation agenda and future vitality. We employ cutting-edge methodologies to identify and analyse potential scenarios that impact your industry. From trend analysis to scenario planning, we help you stay ahead of the curve and make proactive decisions. Prepare your business for what lies ahead, and seize the advantage of foresight to secure sustainable success in an ever-changing world.

“Through our participation in the Callaghan Driving Innovation Program, we were very fortunate to be introduced to Adrian and the IMS team. As we worked through the Horizon 2 Innovation program, it became very obvious that IMS should be an integral and ongoing partner for Enatel. We are very eager to have them alongside us as we work on the routines to develop our Horizon Three innovation program.”

– Richard Jenman, Managing Director, Enatel

So, what’s right for you?

Your business is unique so we work hard to ensure we understand your goals and requirements before offering you a business transformation strategy.

Our iterative Assess, Plan, Implement model ensures that the solution is tailored to your unique needs.

If you’re looking to unlock the full capability of your business, get in touch.

In many cases, yes. Our work is eligible for co-funding support from NZTE and Callaghan Innovation.

Callaghan Innovation’s programmes include Better by Lean, Digital Lean and Driving Innovation.

NZTE provide Development Vouchers through the Regional Business Partner Network (RBP) Growth Advisors. Reach out if you want more information.

Please see our Getting Started page on how our process works, or submit an enquiry in the contact form below and we tailor a solution specific to your needs.

We know every business is different and we are able to provide the level of support you require. During the assessment phase, we work to understand your goals and ambitions, your issues and frustrations and, together, we co-design an improvement plan that outlines your role, our commitments to you and the co-funding available. We do not tie you in to any long-term arrangements and you are free to adjust the level support whenever and however you require.

Fit is important. How will they work with you, the Senior Leadership Team and the rest of the business. We also recommend you take some time to look at their case studies, their qualifications and the quality of their material.

Our members only site is a resource for our clients.

Each client will have a management folder, this is a secure area that contains documents and photos that are specific to that client. For example, project plans, monthly reports and that photos of the whiteboard when the next new product was conceived!

The site also contains all the training content we use on our programs. When you need to return to something you learned previously, you’ll be glad to know it is all in one place and easy to find.