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IMS creates cultural and operational transformations guaranteed to grow and expand your business.

Just like you, we acknowledge the relentless pace at which the world is evolving. Like our clients, you want to secure the future while optimising the present.  

We believe that innovative organisations have an important role to play in solving today’s unique challenges, because innovative organisations are better equipped to effect change and navigate uncertainties. Our mission is to help visionary leaders build better businesses so their ambitions can be realised.

In a world of rapid change, IMS Projects stands as a champion for ambitious businesses striving for greatness. Our goal is to infuse your business with the invigorating spirit of innovation and rejuvenation, enabling you to secure your future while optimising your present. 

This is why we exist.

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Meet the team

Adrian Packer

Adrian has a collaborative, people-first outcome-focused approach to delivering business success, and has successfully led more than 30 business transformation programmes across Europe, America and New Zealand.

He’s one of only a handful of business coaches globally certified as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and NLP Master Practitioner. He also holds an MBA from Cranfield University, which admittedly, quite a few people have.​

For over 20 years Adrian has helped business leaders design, develop and implement new ways of working that lead to significant and sustainable results through innovation.

Adrian Packer | LinkedIn

Mehdi Shahbazpour

Mehdi is an experienced facilitator and a hands-on coach with in-depth experience and knowledge about building innovation management capability and culture in an organisation.​

He has a PhD in Innovation Management, and a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Auckland.​

In his nearly 20 years of working with NZ businesses, Mehdi has led innovation management in the manufacturing, construction, and logistics industries, most notably at Fletcher Building.

Mehdi Shahbazpour, PhD | LinkedIn

Kieran Lee

Kieran is a highly skilled Innovation Consultant with a 20-year international career focussed on operating model development, digital transformation, problem-solving, and team engagement.

He specialises in delivering Operational Excellence and strategy programs across diverse sectors, such as manufacturing, transport, energy, and telecommunications.

His expertise lies in the effective application of appropriate methodologies, which coupled with his excellent coaching abilities, allows him to bring substantial benefit to every client.

Kieran Lee | LinkedIn

Reza Kalbasi

Reza is an exceptional GIS and Location Intelligence professional, with an unerring skillset in the design and implementation of complex enterprise geospatial information systems.

He is a certified Geographic Information Systems Professional (GISP-AP) and is nearing completion of his Ph.D. in Health Informatics. His sector experience includes health, engineering, manufacturing and construction.

Reza is fixated with harnessing Location Intelligence solutions; to drive innovation, optimise business operations, and solve intricate challenges.

Reza Kalbasi | LinkedIn

Lachie Welsh

Lachie is an accomplished BI Consultant with extensive knowledge of Data & Analytics, and has a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting & Marketing Management from the University of Otago.

His strengths lie in is his ability to quickly build rapport with all stakeholders to understand practical requirements of analytics and visualisation projects without technical jargon.

With over a decade of experience, he excels in translating complex analytics projects into practical insights, and is proficient in BI tools like Power BI & Qlik, creating impactful dashboards for a multitude of businesses.

Lachlan Welsh | LinkedIn

Rob Keyworth

Rob is an experienced operations management consultant with a BSc. in Physics and Chemistry and over 12 years of problem-solving expertise.

He excels in analysing large data sets related to inventory management and is skilled in using analytical methods and modelling techniques to drive and track success.

Rob has helped many notable clients, including NZ Defence Force, Air New Zealand, and Spark Digital, and with a background in operations management for companies like Datamail (NZ Post), Fisher and Paykel, and UEB, his expertise ensures efficient solutions for businesses.


Caitlin Peita

Caitlin, an aspiring Product Manager, merges a passion for sustainability with practical experience. Her journey started with NGO research on fast fashion’s environmental impacts, followed by hands-on work with EU manufacturing suppliers.

Dedicated to sustainable practices, she blends innovation in product development and marketing.

Caitlin is eager to contribute her expertise to any team, aiming to elevate product management with a holistic, sustainability-driven approach.

Caitlin Peita | LinkedIn

Zeinab Boorooni

Zeinab Boorooni

Zeinab is a designer with specialisation in E-Learning design and development. With a strong foundation in fine art and a decade of experience as an artist and art teacher, Zeinab brings a unique blend of creativity and instructional skills to her work.

Having earned a bachelor’s degree in UX and UI design, Zeinab seamlessly blends creativity with instructional expertise.

Zeinab’s transition into the digital design world, fueled by her passion for art, design, and education, sees her excel in the creation of engaging, aesthetically pleasing and effective digital learning solutions across the board.

Zeinab Boorooni | LinkedIn

Vaughan Grant

Vaughan has over 30 years’ experience in retail, distribution and manufacturing sectors across Australasia and England.

In recent years, Vaughan has held significant C-level executive roles, as well as a trusted advisor to a number ofcompanies.

His deep experience includes finance, technology, operations, property, and supply chain with expertise in delivering strategic outcomes that are operationally practical with positive commercial results.

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Vaughan Grant | LinkedIn

Brooke Merrick

With a background of 4 years in market research, insights and marketing, Brooke has a proven track record in curating knowledge, revealing market trends, and providing actionable insights.

She is excited by the differences and challenges that new and changing global markets products and business environments create and loves diving into insights that provide clarity and shape strategic decisions.

Brooke is a valuable member of the IMS innovation team and is well positioned to contribute effectively to the success and growth of forward-thinking organisations.

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Brooke Merrick | LinkedIn

Laura Bocock

Laura brings over 10 years’ experience in process optimisation and operational excellence. Over her career she has worked across various industries with a depth of experience in health, manufacturing and agricultural technologies.

She is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, adept at leveraging her extensive toolkit to suit the client situation. Laura excels in process optimisation, identifying and eliminating waste and inefficiencies.

Laura is a natural communicator and collaborator, with a track record of combining Agile and Lean methodologies to drive substantial cost savings. 

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Laura Bocock | LinkedIn